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Where To Buy Affordable Art You’ll Value for Years to Come

Art makes a house a home. Without walls adorned in art, a house never feels quite lived in or personal enough. A great art collection can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be! So we sought out to remedy that. We went on a mission to furnish the walls of a gorgeous coastal-chic pad with accessible, affordable artwork and wound up partnering with the wonderful people at Minted.com to curate a gallery of the best independent artists with prints starting as low as $21. Each piece in our Lori Dennis curated collection was hand-selected by our team to comprise an eclectic mix of coastal photography and abstract paintings and etchings.  You can Shop the collection here. Minted Art connects consumers like you and me with independent artists from all over the world bringing a fresh, affordable perspective to the market.  GOING FOR A SWIM by WHITNEY DEAL | There is nothing like taking that first dive into the pool for a swim -- going from dry to completely immersed in water. The Lori Dennis curated collection includes pieces from artists and photographers with severe cases of wanderlust, like Dallas-based photographer Erica Connolley or San Francisco-based graphic designer and painter, Paper Dhalia. SUNRISE SUNSET by PAPER DAHLIA | I enjoy drawing and I am inspired by the beauty of nature. I was inspired to create a piece that depicts the beauty and sameness of sunsets and sunrises. I choose to do this in a minimal style that will suit many different types of home decor. More Highlights from the Lori Dennis Curated Collection PINK FOLIAGE by FERNANDA MARTIEZ | Pink foliage born from the idea of contrasting vivid and bright colors with shadows in grey and black. This art work is the representation of a dreamy dessert scene where a pink plant is reflecting the sun light. The original work was created with gouache and acrylic on paper, to give it a matte finish. FONTE MOURISCA by HEATHER DEFFENSE | ABOUT THE WORKGrowing up, my husband spent almost every summer in Portugal visiting his extended family. It was his home away from home, his favorite place in the world. He took me there for the first month of our marriage, and I too fell in love with that incredible country. I was inspired by everything from the hand painted tiles to the fresh ocean air. Fonte Mourisca (meaning "Moorish Fountain") was taken in the beautiful town of Sintra. This piece is part of a series titled "Verde", which explores variations of the color green in and around Lisbon. MOTEL CALIFORNIA by SETH SMITH | ABOUT THE WORK The familiar feeling of ocean wind hitting your face and hearing the wind lapping a palm high above your head...and as you open the door to your darkened motel room you can faintly make out the sound of waves hitting a shore...Soft summer sun hitting a white washed and time worn motel facade. PINK HAWAIIAN by THE ONE WITH WANDERLUST | ABOUT THE WORKWhile on Christmas vacation in Oahu with my family, we went for a walk down Waikiki Beach on Christmas Day. We stumbled across a predominately pink hotel and my photo radar led me astray. I walked the entire circumference of the building shooting the tropical plants against the pink edifice and finding inspiration around every corner. I loved the contrast of the deep green tones from the plant against the soft pink wall. ARCHES by Ilze Lucero | I have passion for photography and capturing world as it draws me in. This beautiful architecture is timeless in its simplicity and elegance. Leading lines and gateway draws the eye into the far doorway. Bright and neutral palette works great for clustering with other art pieces, either in neutral colors or with pop of color. Since this image is monochromatic and light, it will work great as an accent with darker interiors, or subtle highlight in brighter interiors. COLORFUL BEACH by Baumbirdy | During an early morning walk I stumbled a cross this wonderfully vibrant citrus beachfront property. Its tropical exterior and beachfront location give me an instant sense of relaxation and rejuvenation.This color photograph makes for a wonderful statement piece, or a beautiful addition to any existing collection.

Holiday Gift Guides for Everyone On Your List

Holiday Gift Guides 2017 This year we've put together gift guides for all those who are difficult-to-shop-for  in your life: from husbands and friends who have  it all to millennials and mere acquaintances. The best news: It's all on one place-- we're using Amazon as our one-stop-shop to streamline our holiday shopping this year. Scroll down to check out all of our holiday gift guides and click on the images to shop even more! Millennial Gift Guide Millennials are among the toughest to shop for (is all they want gift cards?). Think: dorm room decor, kitschy trendy clothing, and tech accessories. Here are all of our #productpicks in one place! https://buff.ly/2ndiOAK Home Gift Guide Create a cozy holiday home with these product picks: Chic kitchenware, bar accessories, DIY kits and more: Luxe Gift Guide Need something more sensual and luxurious for your wife or girlfriend? Spa sets, designer travel sets, or collectibles are a great way to go.   Gifts For Him Dad, boyfriend, son: Think office accessories, smart home tech, grill sets, luxe golf clubs. Our Gifts for him guide is packed with leather and mahogany. Shop here: Holiday Host Gift Guide Host gifts also make great gifts for coworkers or acquaintances. We love a comforting candle or kit that won't take up too much space.

New Design Trends Everyone is Obsessed With

#TrendTracking at High Point Market

This High Point Market we were honored to be a part of Esteem Media’s prestigious Design Bloggers Tour! We got an exclusive behind the scenes preview of what’s to come in the home furnishings market and now we're sharing our findings with you! These are the design trends you’re about to see everywhere this Holiday season: Bend Goods - LA Made showcased in the Salon at HPMKT (www.imchighpointmarket.com/salon) Color is Back in a BIG Way! The last few years, we’ve seen lots of grey and white, lots of ship lap. Gone are those days! It’s all about jewel tones now, baby, and we couldn’t be more excited. Keep an eye out for rich, colorful fabrics: velvets and suades, reminiscent of the 90’s. You’re likely already seeing a lot of this in the fast-fashion industry. They’ll be trending soon in home furnishings as well. https://www.instagram.com/p/BaWtOvLg5uE/?taken-by=loridennisinc https://twitter.com/loridennisinc/status/920021431492251649   https://twitter.com/loridennisinc/status/919958122801844225 Relaxation & Glamour Galore in the Bedroom! Think: chaises, daybeds, ottomans, loveseats: functional and comfortable pieces that create cozy seating areas in oddly-shaped small spaces or, conversely, form vignettes to make a large room feel more intimate. All of these pieces made with plush textiles with attention paid to every detail for a luxe, but handmade feel. https://twitter.com/loridennisinc/status/920036052366131200 https://twitter.com/loridennisinc/status/919952479357464576 https://twitter.com/loridennisinc/status/919926014691639296 Boho-Urban Chic in Public Spaces & Kitchens Coastal-influences are making their way to land-locked locals: That doesn’t mean everything is going to be blue and white and nautical (although, we wouldn't be complaining if it were!), we’re talking about that bohemian urban aesthetic that used to be exclusively associated with artists’ lofts or midcentury modern homes. Now you’ll be seeing more of that look infused into otherwise traditional or suburban homes. Maybe we have the millennials to thank for that? Look for this trend in kitchen decor and dinning sets. https://www.instagram.com/p/BaUvW9pAn41/?taken-by=loridennisinc https://twitter.com/loridennisinc/status/920018075285622784   Family-Friendly, But Still Luxe! Designers have so many clients who want a child-proof home, but one that doesn’t compromise on design. That can often seem like a daunting, if not contradictory task, but now our favorite furniture vendors are helping us out with improved technology to create stain-resistant materials or chic ways to display children’s art (rather than with tacky magnets on the refrigerator). These fabulous modern frames from Wexel Art, for example, make for excellent presents! https://twitter.com/loridennisinc/status/919566517901111296   https://twitter.com/loridennisinc/status/919700846065127424 https://twitter.com/loridennisinc/status/920003141097148417 Product Lines Featured: Century Furniture, www.centuryfurniture.com Crypton Home Fabric, www.cryptonhome.com Duralee, www.duralee.com Green Apple Home Style, www.greenapple.pt Theodore Alexander, www.theodorealexander.com Tomlinson, www.tomlinsoncompanies.com Wexel Art Displays, www.wexelart.com Younger Furniture, www.youngerfurniture.com