Lamps Plus is the official lighting sponsor of the Sunset Idea House in Beverly Hills. The modern, monochromatic sunshine-filled space was chock-full of innovative and practical interior design ideas, and every popular lighting trend you can imagine.

Sunset Idea House beverly Hills

I was in designer heaven! The Sunset idea house is sold out through September 9th, so if you don’t already have your tickets, we’ll give you a glimpse inside the home here:

My personal favorite rooms were the master bedroom and bath complete with an indoor-outdoor shower. The master space was monochromatic, modern, and the lighting gave it that touch of quintessential Lamps Plus glamour.

monochromatic bedroom in the sunset idea house in beverly hills ft Lori Dennis for Lamps Plus

sunset idea house modern indoor outdoor bathroom

Lighting Trends from the Sunset Idea House

Touring the Sunset House gave credence to some of the lighting trends we’ve been observing over the past few months:

Industrial Lighting

Some words I used to describe the Sunset House overall are simple, rich, monochromatic, industrial, and modern. In retrospect, I realize so much of that style can be attributed to the lighting! Lamps Plus has a gorgeous array of matte black industrial-style lighting which doubles both as a functional lighting source and a trendy sculptural statement piece.

Mixed Metals

From lighting to kitchen cabinets and case goods, mixed metals have become an increasingly popular trend that can be difficult to pull off. It’s easy to make it look accidentally mix-matchy, but when done correctly, it gives a space that urban, masculine, designer edge. Starting with lighting is a really great way to introduce the mixed metal trend into your home in a measured way.

Retro Lighting

The 60s and 70s are back in a big way, from groovy color palettes and midcentury shapes to statement chandeliers and task lighting. The Sunset house made great use of retro exposed edison bulbs, a call back to the Mad Men era. They showed us that you don’t need to have an entirely mid century themed home to showcase a couple of retro pieces, especially lighting. Let one or two pieces do the talking!

Glamour Lighting

If there is one thing we think of when we think of Lamps Plus and Beverly Hills, it’s glamour! From their jaw-dropping collection of crystal chandeliers to the most understated glass and mirror sconces that elegantly bounce light around the space, you can’t go wrong with the tens of thousands of sku’s worth of glamour lighting from Lamps Plus, many of which were prominently displayed throughout the Sunset Idea House.

Deliberate Task Lighting

One thing that was very apparent throughout the Sunset House that we really appreciated as designers was how deliberate the lighting choices were. Controllable task lighting around the couches and chairs really focuses the light rather than throwing it everywhere, and, of course the bathroom sconces installed at eye level, which makes for the most flattering and controllable lighting scheme possible!