A Canopy Bed is a timeless trend that takes a classic style and updates it with a contemporary twist.  Turn your bedroom into a relaxing retreat with any style from minimalist to romantic, urban to organic.


Bedroom Ideas Canopy Bed

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Bedroom Ideas Canopy Bed

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What’s the Difference Between a Canopy Bed and a Four-Poster Bed?


A Four Poster Bed and a Canopy Bed are very similar, and most people use them equally.  However, if you’re being picky, a Canopy Bed includes the top railing and a covered canopy, which could remain open, covered with upholstered drapery or finished in wood.

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Canopy Beds are classic.  They may be more simple or more ornate over the years, but there’s always a place for them.  Most canopy beds stand around 7 feet tall, and are best in bedrooms with over 9 ft ceilings.  They instantly become the centerpiece and focal point of any bedroom, and give a structure to your sleeping area.

If you’re looking for a room that encourages sleep just by simply glancing into your room, look no further than a Canopy Bed.

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Toss out the ornate detailing of a traditional canopy bed and get straight to the point.

A modern version of a canopy bed is great for those who enjoy just a hint of drama without going over the top.


Vintage Bed

19th c. French Iron Canopy Bed, Decorist

Contemporary Canopy Bed Bedroom Ideas

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Bedroom Ideas Modern Canopy Bed

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We love this twist on a classic canopy bed, with the criss cross top.  It’s soft, playful, feminine, and a little fancy while still being completely modern.


Bedroom Ideas Canopy Bed

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A wood framed canopy bed can be strong and neutral, while leaning slightly more masculine.

With wood, there is more opportunity for gorgeous details and layers, like turned columns, specialty veneers or a metal adornments.


Soften the look of the bed by opting for an upholstered or woven headboard.


Bedroom Ideas Wood Canopy Bed

Theodore Alexander

Contemporary Bedroom Ideas



Throughout time, Canopy Beds were a must-have because they were useful in many ways.  Shared rooms were common, so having drapes around a bed offered more privacy.  Not only that, most homes did not have heat, and drapes were important in helping people stay warm at night.  Last but not least, canopy bed drapes were the ultimate black out shade.



Bedroom Ideas Canopy Bed with Sheers




These days, it’s common to see canopy beds that are more streamlined and modern without a lot of details.

However, adding simple sheers to a canopy bed adds an instant touch of romance and relaxed luxury without making your room feel high drama.  Just a touch of drama.  A hint.  Which is fun!

I gotta say, enjoying the filtered light coming through a drapery sheer, or watching the sheers gently blow in the breeze is incredibly peaceful.



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Whether your design style is boho, farmhouse or beachy, a canopy bed made of naturally woven material makes any room feel relaxed and down to earth.


Bedroom Ideas Natural Canopy Bed


Bedroom Ideas Canopy Bed

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