Wallpaper is never really out of style, but it’s really having a moment.  Adding a splash of color and texture is a great way to get creative and transform any space.  You are probably familiar with adding wallcovering to one or all walls, but we’ll show you even more Wallpaper Ideas for Any Room in Your Home.

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Wallpaper has been making it’s way back home for the past few years.  No matter what style you’re drawn to, whether it’s Traditional or Modern, Dramatic or Subtle, there is a wallpaper that works beautifully for your you.


If you’re looking to add a little more texture, dimension or WOW to a room, wallpaper is definitely the way to go.  And the great thing is – you can apply wallcoverings to just about any space, in any room you like.  Think of it as an opportunity to really show off your personality.


We are really drawn to natural wallcoverings, like Paper, Woven Grass Cloth or Hemp.  But there are many others like Fabric, Wood Veneer, Cork, Metallic, Flock or Vinyl (which prevent against mold or rot in wet or humid areas).  Just remember that material made of Vinyl or PVC will off-gas, becoming an endocrine disrupter to your health.

Depending on the area you want to cover, you might be able to DIY.  If it’s a small wall and you feel comfortable, try Peel and Stick removable wallpaper.  But if there are a lot of hard to reach places or the walls are a little funky, stick with a professional.  You’ll be happy that you paid someone else to do the work for you.

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A popular accent wall for wallpaper is definitely in the Bedroom behind the headboard.  But there are so many other rooms to accent when you don’t want to overwhelm a space.  If you want to dip your toes into wallpaper or are tight on budget, start small.

Here, we added Metallic Wallpaper to this Home Bar.  It adds just a touch of glamour and reflects the light beautifully.

Home Bar Lounge Interior Design
Home Office Interior Design


When you’re ready to make a statement, just go for it and wallpaper the whole room!

There’s nothing that completely transforms and dresses up a room more than wallpaper on every wall.

Our special client really wanted a feminine Home Office, surrounded by colorful fauna.  We featured this room often in our Post on the 10 Best Home Office Design Tips.


Don’t forget the 5th Wall – the ceiling!

Adding wallpaper to the ceiling is really fun and often times unexpected.  Not to mention, it makes the room feel so much bigger.

In this walk-in-closet, we wanted to keep the feminine feeling, but every wall was filled with cabinetry.  There was only one place to go – and that was UP!

With wallpaper on the ceiling, it made this room feel like the lining to a lid on a jewelry box.

Walk in Closet Interior Design
Bedroom Interior Design

House Beautiful


When you are not afraid of commitment, wallpaper the entire room.  That means all 4 walls, plus the ceiling.

We love how this room uses a neutral blue and white everywhere – on bedding and walls.  This helps the space feel cohesive without too many contrasting colors, which could be dizzying.

DESIGN TIP:  Make sure to select a pattern that will not fight with itself when the walls connect at corners.  For example, stripes or large scale geometric designs may look great on each wall.  But when you add wallpaper to the ceiling, the direction of the design might not line up correctly and appear off.



A Powder Room is a great place to make a big impression.  So don’t be afraid to have fun and create a little drama in a small room that everyone will see.

But also, why should guests have all the fun?  Paper the Master Bathroom with a wallcovering that elevates your personal sanctuary, and makes you feel special.

This green fauna paired against a warm wood vanity feels so rich and grounding.  What a great way to start and end the day!


Bathroom Interior Design

Architectural Digest

Wallcovering Entry and Stairs



Really set the stage.  Nothing makes a great first impression like a beautiful wallpaper at the Entry of your home or lining the walls of a Staircase.

This playful green botanical wallpaper brings the outdoors in to create an incredibly fresh space.



Who says that tile and stone are only used in the Kitchen?  There are hundreds of options to choose from for a fraction of the price when you select wallpaper instead.

In fact, if you’re not happy with the low profile backsplash you currently have, why not spice it up and add wallcovering above it?  Completely transform a blah room into a place that takes your breath away.



Wallcovering in Bar Kitchen

Graham & Brown

Wallpaper on Accent Wall



Don’t miss a great opportunity to turn small rooms like a Powder Room or Laundry Room into something really special.  Even with just one wall.

Laundry Rooms can be utilitarian and boring.  But when you throw up some playful or colorful wallpaper, it makes chores a bit more enjoyable.

We’re big fans of glancing into a room as you pass by and getting a little surprise design pop.  Here is the perfect place in your home to start!




Using wallpaper as a backdrop behind a bookcase is a place where you can really splurge on a fantastic print without spending too much money.  You might even be able to do it yourself with a peel and stick wallpaper.

This bookshelf would be boring alone, with sloppily placed items tossed on the shelves.  Not a very nice shelfie!

But painting the bookshelves teal and adding pops of large scale turquoise floral wallpaper behind it, creates an incredible Wall of Wow!  (Pssst… notice how the small lamps placed on a few shelves really light up the space).

Floral Wallpaper

And Just Like That
(Carrie Bradshaw’s Apartment)

Breakfast Nook Furniture and Design

Architectural Digest


A small space is the perfect spot to add wallpaper.  Think of a Breakfast Nook, a Small Enclave or a Reading Niche.  These are areas where you can add warmth, texture and richness to the room.

One of our favorite things to do is take a hallway closet and transform it into something completely different, just like this nook.  You can see our Bond at the Beach project, where we designed a Gentleman’s Lounge Library out of an unused space.  It turned out amazing!


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